Monday, July 29, 2013

Cute shift dresses under $80

Having a shift dress on stand by is always a good thing. They are generally shorter and shapeless dresses which for me makes them great for those days where you don't wish to show off your figure. My favorite ways to wear a shift dress is with a belt and or blazer. They both can give it a little shape. Below are a few cute shift dresses under $80:

Cute Shift dress under $80

Do you own any shift dresses if so, how do you rock yours?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ageless Derma Review - Sponsored

I was given the amazing opportunity to try Ageless Derma Face brightening Cream and I am excited to share my experience of this product with you today. First what is Ageless Derma? Well I am glad you asked! Ageless Derma Face Brightening cream is an innovative new treatment that is clinically proven to reduce all types of hyper pigmentation and leave you with soft, glowing skin. So, anything you are dealing with from dark spots to freckles Ageless should be able to help. They use a combo of natural and "bio-engineered" ingredients to lighten those darker spots. 

I am easily swooned with great packaging and theirs is quite clever! One push down and you get just the right dosage of product needed without contaminating the rest of your product. You can't actually see the amount of product you have left which bums me out slightly.

The product has a light brown color but goes on colorless. I applied with my fingertips and noticed it absorbs easily into my skin and provided good moisture.

The product should be applied twice a day however, please remember to use SPF over this for day use. It took about 3 weeks before I noticed sufficient changes in my skin. I had two darker spots on my cheek that are now barely noticeable. 

I am pleased with this product. Check out their site for this and other Ageless Derma Products

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes. As always, I am stating my honest opinion of the products.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Floral Dresses Under $50

Floral dresses are a summer MUST but, you don't have to spend a lot on one. Everything about a floral dress screams summer summertime louder than Will Smith.
Whether you pair it with comfy flats or sky high heels it is a win win.  Below is a selection all under $50. Shop away

Floral Dresses Under $50

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Glossy Box - June 2013 Review

Check out my June glossy box:

Here is what I got:

Oscar de la Renta - Essential Luxuries
So, I secretly hate getting perfume samples because I never actually use them. However, I liked this set of six samples. The satin pouch that they came in is just too cute. I actually like 3 of the samples a lot. The other 3 were way too strong for my liking so, 3 out of 6 aint bad.

Philip B. - Hair and Body Wood 
This body wash smells like a mix of Christmas trees and old pennies. It has pure botanical extracts like pine and bark oil so that explains the smell. I am not a fan of the smell however, I like Philip B's products so I will still you use this.

c. Booth - Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist
At first glance I was excited to see this product but that quickly faded. It is listed as a face and body oil and I would never use this on my face since it contains silicones. The smell is just so so. I used it on my legs and it gave me no shine I mean NO shine.

Tarte - Complexion Enhancing Lipstick
So, for shots and giggles I honestly think glossybox likes to give me a product that I absolutely cannot use each month. I received this lipstick in the 'fair to light' shade and I am so far from 'fair to light'.  My glossy online profile clearly shows that.  I am really starting to wonder why glossy even bothers to create a profile if they have no intends of following it. I kinda what to change my profile to the opposite
of what i really am just to see what I get.

SpaRitual - Favorites Nail Polish
I am all over this vegan nail polish. My shade is spice of life and it is just a so so color but, this brand is the bomb.

So, I have mixed emotions about this box as I have my last several boxes. I think glossy likes to surprise its members. However, I would much rather have a service like Julep. Julep sends you an email each month to show you what you are getting and then allows you to pick something else if you are not happy with your profile selection. I would like each one of these products way more if Glossy would have just allowed me to pick my nail color, lipstick and scent of body wash.

I am starting to have a huge stash of useable glossy products and me no likey.

So, do you get Glossy Do they play games with you as well?

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