Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I yearn for today.......

All I can say is OH MY! I believe you have to see these beautiful creatures in person to really appreciated the beauty of them. They are MAGNIFICENT and I need them in my life.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Check out Deviated by Justin Giunta! Justin is the creator of Subversive Jewelry which is quite unaffordable. But, now with Deviated ( a slightly more affordable line) we can all try to afford his lovely jewelry.

Shop bop has a few selections see below:

Click here to see the complete collection.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mara Hoffman

I have been loving color lately and Mara Hoffman has been a favorite on my list. She is known for her fantastic prints and color use. From her dresses to leggings to her super sexy swimwear I am really feeling Mara Hoffman.

Check out some of my faves:

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Cash for Gold!

So, gold watches are popping up everywhere I go now days. I can't say that I would purchase one myself; especially an expensive one because I personally don't wear a lot of gold. But, if I did these stylish retro yet modern gold watches (below) would be my first picks!

Of, course the Juicy Couture BFF is my fave.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Protect and Perfect

Sally Hansen has a new product to protect and perfect your nails!

Check out these pre-treated sheer color strips that instantly bond to nails in order to strengthen and protect them. They contain a slight hint of color available in three different shades sheer blush, nude and shell.

They sell for about $7 to $8 and are an instant manicure. I am on my way to buy some now!

Check it out.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

My new addiction

Good Morning Beautiful people,

Today I realized that I have a new addiction. 24/7 I am yearning for Ooh I Love! Ooh I Love a new exhilarating auction where you have admission the TOP luxury designer handbags and accessories at up to 90% off retail.

For reals, they have Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel! Membership is free and new members get a free bid!

I’m an addicted member and now you can be to click on the link below to join and have fun!!!


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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What I yearn for today

I am going ga ga over these Micheal Antonio Matteo pumps!

They are so sexy from their woven straps and reptile print to their sultry peep toe. The turquoise color are my fave however; I don't know if I will be making this purchase. These shoes look quite uncomfortable so for now I will be thinking about you Matteo.

I will yearn for you from afar.
Later gator print pumps

Click here to purchase for $65.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

What I yearn for today.....

Whew, it seems like I have been on a color craze lately. My new love is these ultra chic Cara Couture leather wrap bracelets. These super soft and colorful leather wraps can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or even a belt. So, how is that for super versatile. At $28 bucks each that is a deal and, with seven colors to choose from I just can't decide which two or three I want. This will be on my summer fun accessory list!

Click here to purchase.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Color for your Feet

Lights Camera Action!

These brightly colored shoes will have you ready to be the center of attention. What better way to add some color to an outfit then with these beautifully colored shoes. The Nine West are my favorite, I love the use of the neon pink in this shoe.

So, what do you think will you be rocking some colorful feet?

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Africa brings the color!


Ever since I saw this striking brightly colored grown from Africa's fashion week 2009 I have been lusting over the immense use of color in African inspired designs.

To my surprise ASOS has just launched an African inspired line. Their bold use of color and fabrics are stimulating.

Check it out below.

You can view the entire collection here.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I yearn for today....

I need these in my life! Max studio has done it again because I am in complete love with these peep toe slingback sandals. Every woman needs a pair of nude shoes in her life and these are the ones for me. From the multi shape cutout to the cork heel I am placing you in my virtual cart.

Click here to purchase.

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