Monday, August 2, 2010

Ethnic Jewelry

Hey Luv bugs,

You know how much I love ethnic jewelry! Well, check out this colorful and fun bracelet I found on Etsy.
I love the look of these bracelets and even more I love the message. It states that each features symbols for life and success in the traditional Shamanic Huichol Art. I just gonna have one.

Click here to purchase.

Style, via Tia

Thanks to for the pics.


  1. Ethnic jewelry is amongst my favorite - what a stunning piece!! :)

  2. Love the bohemian look! I just love the fashion statement of "I am me!" I don't rely on brands or trends. I like to create my own style. Fashion jewelry and accessories are a big part of the bohemian look that I wear. It's great that I discovered magnetic jewelries from ulinx jewelry's website. It's awesome how a single set of bracelet can transform into a ring, an armband, an charm bracelet..I feel like a child putting things together and designing my own jewelry that is uniquely "me"!


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