Friday, November 30, 2012

Furry Friday

Urgh, I hate when I wear my apple bottom jeans and can't find my boots with the fur!

I kid, I kid. I would never ever ever wear Apple Bottom jeans sorry Nelly. Anywho, I was cruising thru yesterday and lookey lookey what I found! This adorbs fur trimmed tie waist sweater and I had to have it!

This Dolce Cabo sweater has faux-leather and ruffled trim with a LOAD of detail. It is natural raccoon (thank god because, I wouldn't be caught dead in fake raccoon). Finger's crossed that this looks just as impressive in person. It is currently on sale (lastcall has THE best sales) for $104.30 click here to purchase.

Style via, tia

Thank you for the photo


  1. Tia I live the sequins pants so sexy especially the teal ones. Can you find them in teal or other colors at a affordable price? Great look for the xmas holiday!Please help.

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