Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dry Brushing is My New Boo

So, I found this You Tube channel for Ashely's Green life and it/she is my new obsession. All of her video's are so informative. 

It all started with my dry brushing curiosity. I saw some great results 

Benefits of dry brushing:
  • Sloughs away dry skin.
  • Promotes cell renewal, tighter skin, and blood flow. 
  • Release toxins and which aids in digestion and kidney function. 
  • And, much more.

This crap feels amazing especially in the morning before I had my coffee. It really gets my blood flowing. It is super easy to do you basically brush upwards on dry skin! The back is a little tricky I brush from my neck down. I shower right afterwards to wash away all the dead skin cells. 

I started about two maybe two and a half months ago and my skin looks tighter and feels smoother.

Do you watch Ashley's video?


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