Thursday, August 6, 2009

Revlon Fruitful Tempations

Over time as we get to know one another better you will learn that I am a whore, a product whore that is! I love trying new products it makes me smile or frown if the product sucks.
Today, I want to share a Limited Time only product called Revlon Fruitful Temptations nail polish. Each shade has a delicious fruit scent. The scent is pretty strong for about eight hours and then it is kinda faint for the next day or two.

There are 8 shades:

• Sublime Strawberry - a pink tone with a little white micro shimmer and a strawberry scent.
• Raspberry Rapture – a pink crème with a raspberry scent.
• Passionate Fruit – a magenta purple crème with a berry scent.
• Not So Blue-berry – a blue simmer with a blueberry grape scent
• Mon Cherry – a cherry red crème with a cherry scent.
• Coconut Crush – a white frosty shimmer with a coconut scent.
• Mad About Mango – a coral orange crème with a mango scent.
• Pretty in Papaya, featured in the pic, a coral red cream with a papaya scent.

They retail for about $4.99 and are worth it! Give it a try.

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