Friday, April 16, 2010

Reader Request

Hello and Happy Friday!

I received the following email from one of my most loyal Style, via Tia readers. Check it out:

Hey Tia,

I have been seeing the Jump suits for the spring and summer and I really like how they feel and look.

I wanna get one but, I am not sure how it will look on a beauty like me with some "junk in her trunk". And, my stomach is not as flat as I want it to be. Any ideas on where I can find cute jump suits at a good price?

Thanks a bunch.

First, I simply adore jumpsuits as well ( I first talked about it here) they are so chic and easy. Second, whose stomach isn't as flat as they would like it to be!

Well, I located a fabo jumpsuit for you from Shape FX.

Shape FX if you don't know creates body-enhancing benefits built right in to their clothes. The jumpsuit showed below has a built in shelf bra, ruched bodice (this conceals stomach issues very well), and a power mesh liner which slims from midriff to knee. And, to top all of that off it is only $69.

I also located a few more options all under $80 for your viewing pleasure.

Style, via Tia

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Style Diva! I love the look. The heels and purse are my fav colors. I checked out the Shape fx website and the blue jumpsuit is on sale for $34.99 and payday is today!

    All the best.

    Koffee :)


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