Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is that your purse?

Can you believe these are handbags? They are so unusual, I saw these on Esty. Check out there bio below.

LITAR is a design-studio of leather goods with 10 years of experience. We are located in Lviv, Ukraine, in the city, which for many centuries has given a shelter for artists working with different materials: glass, ceramics, steel, brass, silver, gold, fabrics, wood, etc. Our team is exploring the artistic abilities of leather, a material that will last forever in making what is a must for every good-looking lady - her handbag.

These gems range from $270 to $450.

Click here to purchase

Style, via Tia

Thanks litarbags for the photos

1 comment:

  1. GUURRRRL, These bags are killing it. A bitch been broke lately, ya heard me. I can't log on the net cause Imma buy sumthing. Your blog makes it easy for us women to find hot stuff and get ideas for outfits, accessories, etc. Keep doing it Guurrrl!


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