Monday, September 28, 2009

Michael Antonio shoes have been catching my eye lately. Mostly, because of the recession friendly prices. Their shoes and boots seem to range from $18 to $90 which is amazing. Above are a few of my favorites also, I have noticed a lot more retail stores are now carrying this brand.

Check the below from www.Michael about the brand:

“Michael Antonio strives to offer the finest selection of women's dress shoes, sandals, and boots to satisfy every shoe aficionado. We offer stylish women a distinctive line of contemporary women's shoes that reveal an unmistakable hint of sensuality and elegance.
Michael Antonio's dedicated team of designers constantly travels the globe to keep you on the forefront of fashion. Whether the latest footwear trends are unveiling in London, Milan, New York or Tokyo, we will help enhance your shoe collection and satisfy your passion for shoes. Perfect for any occasion, Michael Antonio shoes express your individualistic style.”

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Style, via Tia

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  1. hi bros. I'm honestly into shoes and I had been digging allowing for regarding that exact model. The prices seeking the velcros were around 250 dollars everwhere. But finally I base this locate selling them for the benefit of half price. I in reality like those [url=]gucci sneakers[/url]. I will definetly buy them. what is your opinion?


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