Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No more snow...

If you live on the east coast you are under some serious inches of snow. We currently have 30 inches of snow on the ground from this weekend and between today and tomorrow are expecting another 16 inches. So, I have serious cabin fever and I think I am starting to hate snow.

Any who, I usually wear my rain boots in the snow but they do not keep my toes warm at all. So, I figured I would buy some snow boots. Now I am the kinda girl who needs a heel in her life almost all the time. It was very important that my boots have a wedge heel and I really wanted white boots cause I thought it would look so refreshing in the snow. Well one out of two requests aint bad.
Here is what I got:

I am pleased with my choice of these tall slightly puffy Guess boots.They have a rounded toe and four inch wedge and they are super comfy, stylish, and warm. My favorite part of these boots is the zipper up the front it is so chic.

They do come in white but they were sold out. I got these on sale for $40 at Macys regular price was $159.

I found some other cute options online check it out....

Style, via Tia


  1. Ohmigosh Tia those are CUTE!! And only $40?! Such an amazing deal - I want!! :)

  2. Those Guess? boots are sexy! Get'em, Tia!!!



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