Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beauty Break

Recycle recycle recycle!

Have you ever bought a beauty/ hair product and it well sucks? I have! Being an product junkie I buy tons of stuff that intrigue me. Whether it is a random impulse buy or something I have heard about and am curious, I get "got" from time to time. I have a beauty graveyard in my home that is basically a collection of three large bins that house the stuff that sucked.

Instead of wasting; reuse it in some way. For example, conditioners now I have about 75 million 40 or so that left me with lack luster results. So, I get a bowl mix like three together then add some coconut oil (you know for extra moisture) and presto a much better product.  My sister uses sucky conditioner as shaving cream so, your reuse choices are limitless.

For example, last winter on a whim I purchased this "moisture surge" (side eye) face cream from TJ Maxx because, I was having some crazy depleted skin due to the weather and I was desperate. Long story short to say this cream did nothing for my skin would be an understatement. I honestly felt like my face was more dry if that is at all possible. So, I decided to throw it in my handbag and use as a hand cream. So, after my hands started to crack from dryness (WTH) I started to head to my 2nd graveyard (the trashcan). Luckily, it was pedi day and I deceived to give this "cream" one more try on my little piggies. Well guess what yall... it actually works great on my feet! 
So, my point is to reuse those duds. Don't make your purchase a total waste of your $moo-la$. And, get creative I'm talking eye cream as lip moisturizer or cuticle oil go crazy!


  1. Interesting! Good to know!

  2. I love when beauty products can be repurposed for something else! :)

  3. Nice to know someone else recycles like this. yesterday I was looking in a closet where I eep all the beauty product. I'm looking at moisturizers I've had since Genisis. WOW!

    oxoxox from San Francisco

  4. Cool idea! I hate when I buy beauty products that suck.


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