Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Influester - Sugar 'n Spice VoxBox

I am an Influester yall! Not sure if you remember but back in January I received an Influester Holiday VoxBox well, the kind people at Influester sent me another one. This time it is the Sugar 'n Spice Vox Box. I was excited cause I thought I was getting some candy! But, nope I literally got some sugar and kinda of spice.

Here is the box!

Nice right? I can honestly say I use all the stuff in here.

So, I am a huge Splenda fan and I was super excited to try this new product by Splenda. Nectresse is 100% natural made from monk fruit and is zero calories. I tired this in my coffee and did not like it at all. It has a distinct taste that stayed me with way too long. I could not even finish my cup. Now, I have used the regular Splenda for years and I love it (no aftertaste) but, this is not for me. These are $3.99 for a box of 40.

I adore these Dickinson's witch hazel oil controlling towelettes ($5.99 for a 20 count box). The towelettes are LARGE and feel refreshing on my face (not drying at all). I used to faithfully use witch hazel so, this line is not new to me. I love that these are wrapped individually for easy transport. These will no doubt be in my handbag all summer. Also, because the Influenster/ Dickinson's people are so wonderful they included a handful of $2.00 off coupons!!

Vaseline Spray and Moisturizer ($7.99 for 6.5oz can). This was the first item that I noticed when I first opened my box; I was so excited to try this. I used this straight out the shower and loved the ease of just spraying it on especially for my back. You will still have to rub it in of course however, the spray does make application easier. Within an hour of application I noticed I did not feel as moisturized as usual. I was not dry just not as moisturized. So, the jury is still out on this one.

Now, I am a Crest girl at heart but I have nothing against Colgate. I received a Colgate optic white package and was thrilled. I get so excited whenever, I get a new toothbrush (it's the little things in life). I have heard great things about this optic white line so, I finally get to try it. I love the toothbrush (it is soft and I can only use soft). $2.99 for 8oz bottle of mouthwash, $2.99 for the tooth brush and $4.99 for 4oz tube of toothpaste.

Lastly, are the belVita biscuits at $3.69 for box of 5 packets. I love these things, okay so I was already in love with these before I got these. I eat the blueberry flavor all the time. This was my first time trying the cinnamon sugar flavor. They did not disappointment at all. I dipped them in my tea and oh my goodness more deliciousness.
DISCLOSURE:  Influenster did sent me this VoxBox for free, but as always, all opinions are my own and HONEST. I was not compensated for this post. For more information please view my policies.


  1. The spray Vaseline looks interesting and worth a try!

    oxoxo from San Francisco


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