Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Glossy Box - March 2013

Yesterday, my little pink glossy box arrived and I was shocked because it came kinda early. I got used to not getting it until the last few days of the month. Anyhow, it was a pleasant surprise. 
This month theme is spring fling which doesn't really go with the items in the box if you ask me but, you didn't so, I will put my 2 cents back in my pocket.  

So I got: 
  • ModelCo Cheek and Lip Tint- Full size $24
  • Elite Models Liner - Full Size $15
  • Koh Gen Do Cosmetics Emollient Cream - 0.28 oz (Full Size $123)
  • Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce - 1.5 oz (Full size $17)  
  • Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap - 4.4 oz (Full Size $16.99)
  • Prestiche Gift Card for $40

First up is my favorite item from the box the ModelCo lip and cheek tint in rosy red. This is a lightweight gel that goes on really smooth. I tried this on my lips all you need is just a few dabs and, I had those rosy (like I just had a cherry popsicle) lips. Put a little clear gloss over and it was perfect and lasted for HOURS. Not sure if I will use this as blush, I have never actually wore blush but who knows. Overall, I am so loving this stain.
The Elite Liner in Matte Brown is a felt tip liquid liner that creates nice lines, does not smudge and dries super fast. I like this even thought I wish I have gotten it in black. Once again, I have never wore liquid eye liner or even eye liner but I am curious about this one. 


Aw, the lovely Koh Gen Do Emollient Cream! What can I say this line is amazing and so is this cream. I received a small amount (.28 oz) certainly not full sized. This cream is very rich and feels nice on your face not as moisturizing as I excepted but still nice. It contains vitamin A and 36 botanical extracts! I can't afford to fall in love with this one.

So the hairspray, (side eye) you know I wish there was a poll on your Glossy's profile where you could list certain item to never ever ever put in your box. Anyway, I don't use hair spray so, I can't comment on how good this product may or may not be. Apart from that the Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce is a build able, flexible hold hair spray. I still haven't tried the last Sebastian product that was in my January box

My Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap is in Limoncello and smells like lemongrass which I am not a fan of. So, when I first saw this soap I was thinking Glossy's really wants us to be clean I mean dang they sent soap last month and my feelings haven't changed NO MORE SOAP! I mean maybe a body wash here and there but, I am over the soap thing for a while. Although this soap has some really good ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil! I went onto their website and they sell quite a few different scents that seem really nice however at $17.99 for a bar of soap I am gonna go ahead and stick with Dove.

There was also a $40 gift card to Prestiche which I was excited about. I ordered one of their Butter Brulees however, when they hit me with a $12 shipping fee for 3.2oz of cream my excitement dropped to "DAMN GINA" in my Martin voice. 
Overall, I will give this box a 3 out of 4 cups of Tia. What did yall think? Did you get different stuff? 


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