Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Introducing Kim of Vanchic...

Introducing the gorgeous and oh so organized Kim of Vanchic. Her tips and you tube videos are addicting. She has a eye for "practical and aesthetically pleasing decor and organizational tools".  So, without further adieu introducing Kim of  Vanchic
1. Welcome to Style via, Tia! Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
Vanchic started as a closet organization company.  I would go around with my interns decluttering, re-styling, systemizing and organizing apartments, condos and estates.  I accessed a space, identified the problem of why it's messy and then focused on organizing in a fashion-forward manner.  This means I got rid of cheap storage, crappy furniture, mismatching decorations and unhelpful organizing tools.  My goal was to re-style a home to look simpler, polished and chic.  Americans tend to over-buy when we hit the mall...this leads us to fill our rooms with knick-nacks, duplicates, thoughtless accumulation and junk.  Last year I realized my Unique Storage ideas and fashion decor tips were one of a kind because I was going against the typical organizing methods.  I wasnt telling clients to use ugly wicker baskets, plastic bins, over the door hooks and sharpied labels.  What makes me different as an organizer is that I do not expect people to change overnight and transform into an OCD mindset. It is impossible to systemize a naturally messy person to all the sudden become a color-coordinated loving neat freak. I have to help clients help themselves correct a bad habit and do baby steps to undo lazy cleaning routines.  I decided to inspire a wider audience by making professional Youtube videos. I am now a guru that gives tips on luxury, decor, style and organization My channel was recently picked up by a major network, Big Frame!
2. What can our readers except to find when they visit your site?
My readers will watch my videos or read my blogs and get instantly inspired. I am not an organizer that sacrifices panache for functionality. I want my videos and ideas to be the kick in the butt for my viewers to go sort through their material home life.  Organizing has a lot of therapy involved. We have to ask ourselves, "Why am I hoarding this junk?", "What stops me from getting out the door faster and efficiently in the morning?", "Why does my style take a back seat to my busy work schedule?"...My target audience watching my decluttering videos is not the step-ford wife suburban mom community. I'm talking to the fashionista girl who has real life messy home problems, I'm talking to the lady on a tight budget who desires a fancy rich closet, I'm talking to the woman balancing work and keeping up with trends. 

3. What is the biggest challenge you find in organizing?
The biggest challenge I find is that we are unorganized due to lack of space. But the lack of space is to blame for too much shopping and collecting of crap!  13 pairs of jeans will not fit in the dresser because all you really need is 3 or 4 pairs.  The consumerism in America is out of control and it effects our home life and our savings accounts.  Respect your wallet, do a spending-detox, stay out of stores for a few weeks. If your messy junk drawer is not closing, it's probably because you keep buying too much junk!  Simplifying is the best gift you can give yourself...less to deal with, aesthically beautiful and it will be easier to see what you have and take inventory.  Another big challenge is that people don't take stock of what they have and they're lazy. A home doesn't organize itself, it takes hard work and lots of maintenance, the reward is a beautiful get off your butt and take control of your life. Edit your home, go through every nook and cranny, purge all the stuff that is worn, neglected or has no value. Go through your closet or kitchen pantry every few days...see what you already have and great creating by thinking of different looks or dinners you could put together.  If I asked you, "How many pink shirts do you have?", you should know the answer instantly. Get to know what you own, shop your own closet first! Want to know how messy you are? Take this "Are You Organized? Quiz" The last problem I run into is people having a fear of purging.  We avoid throwing things away because there's a fear of losing worth or value.  We incorrectly tell ourselves that since someone spent money on that (ugly) gift they bought for me, it would be a crime to throw it away because it's like tossing cash. In reality, it is actually costing you MORE money and prime real-estate space to keep that unused item. Holding onto crap due to guilt or shame is silly.  Think of purging like upcycling and's making your home hip and current. Purging should be a positive experience. The last challenge I see while organizing is homes with too many cheap materials and furniture.  Don’t let these materials come near your house; wicker, plastic, mesh, wire and particle board. Try classier and durable elements like glass, porcelain, pottery, canvas, wood, iron, marble, leather, crystal...I've found most my fancy furniture at thrift stores, craigslist, ebay, goodwill/salvation army, flea markets and tag sales! 

4. If you could give only two tips to us about getting organized what would they be?
1. Buy matching'll get to see clothes all hanging at one level looking unison and linear.
2. Put 'like with like' and 'type with type'. All my cereals are with each other, my shoes are together, hair products are in one section, every sock can be found in one sock drawer...categorizing lets you see what you have and define a belonging hub for each material. If I know where my shoes all are, I dont have to run around the house searching for a missing shoe. 
Be sure to visit Kim at Vanchic.
Special thanks to Kim.


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