Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rocks Box

Subscription box services have just taken over and now enters Rocks Box! They had the genius idea of jewelry for rent or buy. This is reminds me of that handbag service but better. So, for $19/ a month you can rent or maybe own some hot designer jewelry. 

With a RocksBox membership, every month you will receive three pieces of designer jewelry. You will need to set up a "style profile" to let them know what you like. You can wear these pieces as a trial for no more than 60days. If you fall in love with a piece so much that you can NOT image living your life without it then; you can choose to purchase it for a discounted price(20% off). Otherwise, send it back for more great jewelry. I was really impressed with how fast the shipping was.

So, at first I was like eww I do not to wear some earrings that someone else has wore. No worries RocksBox sanitizes all their jewelry before shipping it out to you. Click here for any other questions about RocksBox services. Now to the good stuff.
It was tied in a pretty pink bow but, I was so excited I opened before I took the pic.

Again, same story here sorry it really was pretty!
Each piece is wrapped separately.
 My RocksBox included:
  • Pave Spike Bracelet in Gold by Urban Gem - Retail Price of $95(Member's Price $76)
  • Shelby Bullet Ring by CC Skye - Retail Price of $195(Member Price $156)
  • Druzy Studs in Black by Margaret Elizabeth - Retail Price of $88 (Member Price of $70.40)

I love the sparkle in this bracelet.

These earring are so so pretty. They say they are black but, to me they are like a midnight blue. GORG.

I do think that some of these are pricey (if you choose to purchase) but, remember you can rock them and send back you do not have to buy! Also, if you don't like your items you can immediately send them back (they include an return paid envelope) and they will send you more "rocks" immediately. You can do this a much as your want it is limitless. I wish I could do this with some of my glossy boxes (side eye)

So, right now RocksBox has a special offer for Style via, Tia readers! You too can join RocksBox for 50% off for 3 months that is ONLY $9.50 a month. by using the promo code: FABB. Click here to get started.

So what you do think, will you be rocking with RocksBoxs?

DISCLOSURE:  Ifabbo did give me this RocksBox membership for free, but as always, all opinions are my own and HONEST. I was not compensated for this post. For more information please view my policies.


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