Thursday, May 16, 2013

Klutch Box - Best of the Best

I received a KlutchClub Best of the Best box yesterday and was excited because, I forgot it was coming so it was a nice surprise. So, what is KlutchClub you ask?
Klutch is basically Glossybox but, with health and wellness stuff. They promise at least $50 worth of stuff for less than $18 per month. My box is one of their Best of the Best boxes which is different from their normal monthly boxes. 
Check it out:
The unopened box

I thought this was cute, it actually made me more excited

The goods!

Four bags of Taylor's tea.

100% pure Caberbet grape body cream

Guam Seaweed Mud - I heard this is very popular in Italy and great for cellulite.

Yur Buds- I was happy about these because I have very small ears and these are made for smaller ears, yea!

Love this King Arthur Flax meal - this stuff is great to add to smoothies, cereal, muffins, etc.

1st Step liquid Vitamin B12 complex

C. Booth Honey & Almond Body Butter- loves this.

This was kinda weird to me at first but after reading online reviews I am excited to try this. It is suppose to aid in De-stressing you. Some users stated they sleep like a baby after drinking this.

One month free at

Two free months and $10 to spend at daily burn!

Cremo Cream shaving cream
All is all I am very pleased with this box. I am not sure what the regular boxes are like since this was a Best of the Best but, for $4(Living Social deal) I am a happy camper.


  1. Hey Tia
    This is nice, in fact I think Lumosity alone is worth it. I used the free 7 days Lumosity trial and I LOVE IT.
    100% pure is a good brand too, I like the grape scent.

  2. Love to have gotten the earphones and some of that tea. great post!

  3. Ooh, the contents of this box are EPIC!

    I need to join some subscription services! :)


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