Tuesday, May 21, 2013

White Haute Heels

Last night I was flipping a magazine and too many pics of chics in white heels. I have always been so anti white shoes but, I was kinda liking some of them. 

The key for me is less white so, the strappy  heels appeal to me more. Does that make sense?

Below are a few strappy and otherwise for your picks: 

So, can you see yourself rocking white heels?


  1. Maybe if you put together an outfit with white heels? Cuz I just can't see it lol. But I don't even like white purses (they get dirty so fast) so I'm not the best opinion hahaha

  2. Hey Tia
    I totally get what you're saying in this post and white heels have never been for me...however, that strappy shoe towards the top left is cute, I feel like my skin would break up the color of the shoe so it could work.


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