Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Andrea Iyamah Swimwear

So, it all started with this photo I saw of Ms. Angela Simmons on Instagram. I was like what and where did she get this swimsuit! It is so freaking cute. I love the highwaisted bottom. Plus, I was already in search of a high waisted swimsuit after seeing that one from Shabby Apple. But add to that the ethic print and I HAD to have it.
Isn't she cute?
Then she posted this picture and, it was just in time cause I almost forgot about the first one. So, my search began a I found the designer was Andrea Iyamah.
Too cute, right?

Andrea's Swimwear is also budget friendly and they allow you to purchase different sizes for top and bottoms! 
Below are some of my favorites:

Of Course, the ethic printed two piece. Kali $95.99

Plum - $37.99

Riba - $95.99
She has a great selection of prints and styles. You can view the entire selection here.


  1. I love the suit named Cassie on her website. It makes me wanna work extra extra extra hard to get rid of my damn belly roll!

  2. All this swimswear is making me realize I need new suits! Love this

  3. DYING! I love these styles. Surprisingly, I just found the cutest retro style swimsuit at Walmart of all places. It straight up looks like it came out of the 50s.


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