Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cute Bralette tops and How to wear them

So, what is a bralette? It is really just a top. Most bralettes offer little to no actual support they are kinda just a cutesy top.  So, wear a real bra under your bralette okay?
I love the fun colorful printed bralettes with crazy prints and a little bit of a longer length. They are perfect with high waist-ed bottoms.

Check out my picks below:

You can dress it up a little with high waisted jeans and heels.

Or keep it cute and casual with high waisted shorts and flat sandals.

So would you rock a Bralette?


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  2. I LOVE Bralette tops - they are so cute for the summer! :)

  3. Definitely not my style, but I have to confess the colors and patterns are so cute!

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  5. I think these are super cute! I could see these going out of style in a season or two so I'd buy one for really cheap just for fun!


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