Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Protect don't Neglect

Show above are two different types of high heels protectors. If you are like me and 99% of your footwear are heels you need to protect them. The city streets, and cracks in the sidewalks hate my stilettos and, these heel protectors may just be my savior.

First up are The "Sole Mates" available in clear and black for $9.95 they cover the bottom part of the heel and mostly help you from not sinking in the grass with your heels.

Second, is the ultimate protection for your heels "The Smart Heel" now this is the protector that will save all your leather heels from that horrible ripping. The Smart Heel is also available in black and clear for $11.95.

Style, via Tia

Thanks and for the photos

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