Thursday, October 8, 2009

Red, an ego trip for your lips.

Let's admit, red is it this season.

Now let’s discover the right shade that fits your skin tone. You can go from pink reds, brick reds, berry reds to fire engine reds.
So many choices and I know this can be overwhelming, but it really isn't for you because you got Drew.

For those ladies who have fair complexions, try going for the warmer shades like Rouge Dior Replenishing Lip color in Rouge Vadette Celebrity Red, this shade reminds me of the reds in autumn leaves.

For my medium to tan ladies, you can try anything from pink reds to berry reds. A great choice would be Chanel Hydra base Crème Lipstick in Image Rose, which is one of my favorites.

Last but not least my darker ladies, try something new in the blue...A deep blue red that is. A great choice by Too Faced Lip of Luxury in Drop Dead Red. Wanna be bold well go for a fire engine red like Max Factor’s Vivid Impact Lip color in Ms. Right Now 40.

One more tip for my girls...use a lip liner and a lip brush, it makes all the difference on getting flawless lips. A great suggestion, Too Faced has a clear lip liner called Borderline Lip Pencil that can work with any shade of lip color. This will help with bleeding lip lines and help plump those lines around the lips too.

These are just a few shade suggestions that could work for you and always remember that it's just make up, have fun with it. And always, remember to Embrace Your Face.


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