Friday, October 9, 2009

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles

Ruffles are all over shoes this season and I love it! Ruffles are so feminine and fun don't you think? My love is the RSVP 'Henry' in purple he is so fly.

Click on any pic to purchase.

Style, via Tia


  1. Ruffles are my best friend. I have a pair of ruffle flats on right now (although they hurt a little) I still love them! Those Madden Girl booties have got to join the rest of my shoe collection! Great finds!

    Dina's Days

  2. Ruffles Guuuurrl? I love em! Thanks for your stylish inspiration for a girl gurl like me. Think imma go bust open this bag of Ruffle plain chips now ;) Holla atcha


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