Monday, December 21, 2009

And on the 10th day of Christmas...

Cuff bracelets
Oh, slap the cuffs on me please. I love cuff bracelets; they can be edgy, glamorous, and fun! Not to mention affordable. So, add some frugal fun to your outfit with a cuff bracelet. This is also a great stocking stuffer or last minute gift idea.

Check out my selections below:

Style, via Tia


  1. Ooh Tia you are so speaking my language...j'adore cuffs!! That Rachel Leigh piece is calling my name!! :)

  2. I love cuff bracelets too. I think last weekend, I wore the same one 3 days in a row! Oops :)

  3. Scale bangle and hammered cuff for the win. These would look fantastic with a maxi dress come summer!


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