Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Leighelena Holiday Picks!

The holiday season is in full swing and we all get stumped for gift ideas. Over the next couple of weeks I will post a few good suggestions that will hopefully help you out this shopping season.
First up is Leighelena accessories , these pieces are under $100, and range in everything from bright enamel necklaces to bold cocktail rings, bracelets, and belts. Whether it’s a special gift or stocking stuffer that you seek, these Leighelena picks will ease your holiday shopping pains!

Leighelena Jigsaw Bracelets - made of stingray, lizard skin or leather, these cuffs are available in two sizes and are the perfect layering piece.
Price: $70-$95

Leighelena Flower Print Cocktail Ring - made of handcrafted enamel with a wood base, and available in solid or multi-color patterns, this oversize cocktail ring is perfect for making a bold statement.
Price: $53-$64

Leighelena Python Belt with Enamel Buckle - genuine python with a handcrafted enamel buckle, this belt adds a bohemian twist to any ensemble.
Price: $318

Leighelena Enamel Disc Necklaces - Shine on! These handcrafted enamel discs on delicate gold chains are great worn alone or layered together.
Price: $64-$89

“Leighelena jewelry is handcrafted using an ages-old process fusing metal and glass creating striking, color-infused jewelry. Inspired by a childhood spent between Texas and Mexico, brown-haired beauty Leigh Navarro captures the culture of her surroundings while paying tribute to the past. Genuine leather from a local craftsman on the Mexican border and antique stamps gathered by both her grandfather and herself are just a few of the unique findings behind her debut collection.
Leigh's vision for the line is to layer several pieces together, and integrate these pieces into your jewelry wardrobe. Each piece is handmade in her studio in Austin, TX and she uses post-consumer product in all levels of her finished pieces.”

Check out the complete collection here.

Style, via Tia

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  1. Jigsaw bracelets! Ooh, could those be any cuter? I want! I want! Fabulous find, Tia! :)


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