Thursday, December 6, 2012

2 Slits!!!

In my 2 chains voice, I say "2 Slits". Yesterday, I was on my favorite gossip site theybf and, I saw this pic of Solange Knowles wearing this HOT dress!

Doesn't she look gorgeous? I found the Olcay Gulsen dress here also in the purple shown below here.
Two slit Dress

And if you don't want to cough up $225.00 for the cream and $375.00 for purple then below are a few similar budget friendly options.
turtleneck slit maxi dress

Click here to purchase from Go Jane for $18.40

Or, this faux leather skirt from forever 21 for $19.80.

And this lovely halter dress one is my fave. So, do you dare go super sexy in 2 slits?


Thank you Getty images via,, and for the photos

1 comment:

  1. Gurl, im feeling this but dont forget bout us big girls. As much as I would luv to show off these legs, not gonna be able to do, Boo. Lol.
    Good look on the holiday gift ideas too. You gave me some leads for the mister. I love your blog girl!


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