Monday, December 3, 2012


I have been having an online fling with this YSL Arty Ovale ring. Our relationship has been off and on because I get so upset over how much he costs. I just do not want to pay $290.00 for him even if he is dazzling.

Saks sells him in several gem stone colors all with the gold tone but my fave is Lapis with Opium and Navy in a tie for second place.

<em>Yves Saint Laurent</em> Arty Ovale <em>Ring</em>/Bright Goldtone - Lapis - Size 6

So, working thru my anger I plan to end this online struggle with Arty because he causes me pain.

But, I found some cheaper options if you are interested. Ecarter has a similar looking ring for only $25.99
Arty Ring Blue Midnight Sky Gold Chunky Armor Oval Art Knuckle Statement Cage Deco Cocktail Size 11

I was able to locate tons of others on Ebay. some used and some are replicas.

Happy Shopping.


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