Friday, December 7, 2012


pv.Body is yet another monthly box subscription that I just found out about. I tell you these box subscriptions are the hottest new thing! This one is for the fitness fanatic or the chica who inspires to be.
Similar to Julep Maven when you sign up you take a style quiz that builds your profile to let them know what types of exercises you do and basically your fitness style. Based on the information you submit, you’ll get a hand selected box each month with two pieces (top and bottom) just for you for $49.95.

So, I think this idea is kinda dandy idea only because the new workout clothes each month MAY assist in motivating me or you to stay on goal. I honestly don't think my budget will like the $50 per month charge. Maybe if I did not already have a million box subscriptions I would give this a try. I am curious to see what the packing is like since the others had some of the cutest packaging.

If you would like to join pv.Body use coupon code WELCOMENL20 for 20% off your first order They offer higher end brands such as Lululemon, Nike, American Apparel and Lorna Janes and you can cancel at anytime.

So, what do you think?



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  1. $50/mo?!? Gurl my fat ass need this but a sista also needs her snacks. Decisions! Maybe I'll subscribe after the new year. How long does the discount last?

  2. You ain't lying these boxes are going to have me picking up a night job. But this one is nice and the clothes don't look inexpensive or dull.


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