Monday, January 7, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress

Over the Holiday break I received a VoxBox from Influenster that I talked about here. As promised I said I would try out the Kiss Nail Dress later because I had a fresh mani at the time. Well later arrived...

I wasn't in love with the print. I like animal prints however, I am not a HUGE fan of them maybe as just an accent nail design. However, the gold undertones on these were gorg. I love the Sally Hansen Version of these so, I just knew I would like this.

But, sorry I did not! I found these very hard to apply. I have small fingers and a lot of them had overlaps on the side of my nail bed that I had to cut. Also, the file that came with these to file off the excess was very harsh on my natural nails. I did follow the directions to a tee and applied to clean nails. However, four days later they are peeling back at the tip and the stickiness underneath is getting stuck on everything. So, I really doubt I will make it anywhere near the ten days it promises.

I more I looked at them the more I started to love the print. I still have quite a few left over for my toes so maybe they will like these better.



  1. Unfortunately, I am unable to see your pics. I figured these would be a miss. I disliked their impress nails

  2. GROWWL! I love the print tho and loving the gloves girl.

  3. I tend to agree about animal prints but you're rocking it.

  4. I tend to agree about animal prints but you're rocking it.


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