Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuxedo pants

Baby, its cold outside so put on some pants! If you gonna put on some pants don't reach for some pants grab you some tuxedo pants. The dark stripe on the sides not makes your legs look longer but, they are slimming as well.
I am the lucky owner of the blue with the black leather panel on the side and the white with a black sequin panel.

Below are a few pair you may like.



  1. Cute. I love a nice pair of ankle pants although the cut of them are not always friends with the cut of my booty/hips~Erika

  2. I adore the tuxedo pants they can be wore in so many ways casual to dressy affairs. They allow you to be versatile fashionably. Tia maybe you can give some pointers on how to Rock them??

  3. wonderful article writing.Thanks for sharing tuxedo pants.i totally adore your simple but elegant style. those tuxedo jeans are so beautiful.

    Tuxedo Vest


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